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Guangzhou Unique Biotechnology Co., Ltd, founded in 2014, is a leading company in bio-waste conversion and edible insect mass production. Guangzhou Uniqe is a high-tech enterprise authorized by the government with national and international patents.

Through edible insects mass rearing, we effectively convert organic wastes (e.g., food waste, animal manure, expired food) into insect meal, insect oil, and other products associated. As a leading company in black soldier fly industry, we now expand our rearing facilities across multiple provinces, for example, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hainan, and etc.

We have ~100 employees. Members in the core operation team are experts with doctoral, master, and bachelor degrees. We are cooperating with South China Agricultural University and Sun Yat-sen University. We also have tight communication with Texas A&M University and Wagningen University.

We offer insect products as well as organic waste management services. Insect products are, for example, microwave dried BSF, oven dried BSF, BSF pulp, and etc. We also have BSF protein meal and BSF fat depending on the customer requirements. Such insect products are mainly used for animal feed ingredients, aquaculture, livestock rearing, special species cultivation, and pet foods. The BSF contains amino acid similar to fish meal, fatty acid similar to coconut oil, organic calcium, high lauric acid. We have mature technology, facilities, and experienced team in bio-waste, especially food waste, bio-conversion using black soldier flies.




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